Play and Dance/Movement Therapy


Dance/Movement Therapy is perfectly suited for children to work through behavioral and emotional issues because they do their “talking” through non-verbal movement.  Dance/movement therapy uses many different kinds of movement: body language, posture, gestures, facial expressions, breathing, body and spatial movement, and forms of dance- motor games, movement warm-ups, mirroring, and relaxation.

Play Therapy also uses the non-verbal “tools” of children such as games, sand tray play, balloons, role-playing, puppets, art, balls, dress-up, lincoln logs, building blocks, and dollhouses to help children work through behavioral and emotional issues.

Sheila Gilstein utilizes a combination of both play and dance/movement therapy to help children with ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Selective Mutism, and Anxiety.  She is a Board Certified- Dance/Movement Therapist and Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor, allowing her to both provide treatment and supervise other dance/movement therapists and play therapists.

Dance/Movement Therapy and Play Therapy help children:

☐  Express their feelings in positive ways to get their needs met.

☐  Work through troubled feelings to resolution.

☐  Improve their social skills.

☐  Learn how to handle conflicts with family and peers.

☐  Learn new strategies to communicate and solve problems.

☐  Reduce their anxiety.

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